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Netcomm - A Homeplug vendor with delusions of grandeur

Some NetComm NP285 homeplug devices were being redistributed today and a discussion emerged on the wiring configuration of the house and to keep the data’s traffic as short as possible on the electrical mains would be the best practise.

Well as I have no clue to the electrical wiring of this house, I figured I would use the signal and speed indications provided by the utility application that comes with the homeplug devices to indicate the optimum setup (minimal data path degradation).

So I grab the utility for install on my windows 7 x64 machine and proceed, almost immeadiatly I get the fdolling dialog that made me chuckle, what was the developer of the installation package thinking? We may never know but I found it amusing.

A dialog showing netcomm installer calling the underlying OS inadequate.




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